Eating healthy is not always easy to do. It's not necessarily because we don't want to eat healthily but because we may not know what foods would be best for our diets and goals. Luckily, there's an app for that. Actually, there are many nutrition apps designed to help you live a healthier life and here are the top ten.

Shopwell app

Shopwell is a free app that can be downloaded on both Iphones and Androids. It is designed to help you maintain a healthy diet by suggesting certain food items that match your particular profile. Many people use this app if they're allergic to specific meals because you can scan items at the grocery store and the app will tell you if your allergen is in that item. Shopwell will also suggest food items that will suit your diet.

When you download the app, you will create a profile for yourself that lays out your nutritional goals as well as any diet restrictions for vegetarians and allergic cases. The app then uses this information to give personalized nutritional pointers and healthy suggestions.

Nutrients app

This app is $4.99 USD and can be found on the Apple Store. Nutrients, formerly known as Foodle, allows users to access a huge database of nutritional information. The app can provide you with information about the ingredients in meals and a breakdown of the nutritional content.

One unique aspect of the app is that you can search a nutrient, for example, Vitamin C, and the app will suggest meals that contain that nutrient. After viewing the information, you can mix ingredients to create your own custom recipes.


Lifesum App

This app is free to all users and can be used to find weight loss plans and information for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After you download the app, you will select a fitness plan that fits your requirements. You can also use the app to record your water intake, food intake, and exercise either by inputting the data manually or scanning a barcode. Based on the information you are logging, Lifesum will give you personalized feedback and recommendations to help you reach your goals.

There is an optional paid subscription of Lifesum. The paid subscription will give you more specialized diet plans and detailed nutrition breakdowns for meals. The standard free version will only allow you to view your fitness and eating habits as well as provide health tips and nutritional reminders.

Fooducate app

If you're having a difficult time trying to figure out what to look at on a nutrition label, this is the perfect app for you! While using Fooducate you can scan a barcode on almost any food product and instantly receive the nutritional information. It will break down the information on the label so you can better understand it. Fooducate is available on Apple and Android devices.

The people who cook their meals can manually enter the information to log their meal. Fooducate also gives you the opportunity to track intake, calories, and exercise. If you decide to pay for the premium subscription, you won't have to view ads on the app and you will unlock additional features.

Sparkpeople Weight Loss Diet & Calorie Counter app

Like many of the other apps, Sparkpeople Weight Loss Diet & Calorie Counter allows you to track your calories and exercises, however, this app also offers many tools and intergration with its user community.

This free total fitness app is available for Android and Iphone Users. Sparkpeople Weight Loss Diet & Calorie Counter has a library of over 4 million food items. It also has the barcode scanner to make grocery shopping eaiser.

Noom Coach app

This app can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices. It has a free version and a paid version. The free version of the app teaches you healthy habits and allows you to log your food and exercises. The plus side to paying for the app is that you will receive daily goals and personalized coaching all catered to help you reach your fitness goals. Based on the information that you input, the app will give you feedback designed to help you build healthy habits.

These apps will help you measure your food and calorie intake, as well as log your exercise more accurately. They're convenient, easy, and user-friendly. Start living a healthier life and download one today!