To the best of my knowledge, we have yet to discover Ponce De Leon’s dream destination, the Fountain of Youth. Therefore, with much cheerlessness, I have concluded that we are all still currently quite susceptible to the aging process. And while this can simply mean more Botox and laser peels are on the horizon, it can also mean hormone levels are dropping. For men, an age-related decline in testosterone levels can cause several health concerns, including sexual dysfunction and loss of muscle mass.

But there are other less common signs of low testosterone, or low T, that have nothing to do with libido or muscle mass. Because testosterone is involved in many of the body’s processes, a lack of the crucial hormone can wreak havoc in a multitude of less-than-obvious ways. Some of these health complications may include:

Decreased Bone Mass.

Both men and women are vulnerable to bone loss, despite most Americans’ understanding that bone loss, or osteoporosis, mainly affects women. And while menopause and low estrogen can in fact lead to weakened bones in women, the same holds true for men suffering from low T. An aging man’s bone mineral density can decline right alongside his testosterone levels, making him more susceptible to fractures and broken bones.

Heart Disease.

Recently, a team of researchers from Belgium analyzed previous studies on testosterone levels and cardiovascular disease that were published between 1970 and 2013. The results of the study, which are published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, showed a compelling correlation between low T and heart disease. While not conclusive, the study’s lead author, Dr. Johannes Ruige said, “When we reviewed the existing research into testosterone and cardiovascular disease, a growing body of evidence suggested a modest connection between the two."

Genital Numbness.

Men with low testosterone levels often struggle with feelings of numbness down below. While numbness can certainly affect one’s performance in the bedroom, numbness caused by low T can also interfere with other aspects of one’s life; it’s often accompanied by a tingling sensation in the hands and feet.


Characterized by patches of extremely dry, flaking skin, psoriasis is a skin condition that may be linked to declining testosterone levels in aging males. Researchers in Turkey recently conducted a study in which they reported low testosterone levels in patients with psoriasis and much higher levels of the hormone in healthy patients.

Cognitive Decline.

While the association between low T and a declining mental state has yet to be determined, many studies have inextricably linked the two together. In studies conducted over the years, older men with low levels of testosterone continuously fare worse on both cognitive and visual motor skill tests.

As always, it’s important to talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above. Come see us at Smart for Life in Boca to discuss how we can help you or someone you love raise testosterone to an optimal level. You may also benefit from our Testo Muscle and Testo Xtreme supplements that are now available for online purchase.