Podcasts have gained popularity over the past few years. It was reported in April of this year that there are over 525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes. This includes content in more than 100 languages.

Whether you have some downtime or a long commute, here are seven podcasts to listen to that discuss powerful strategies for taking care of your mental health as an entrepreneur.


1. Happy Place - by Fearne Cotton

During this podcast, Fearne has lighthearted, positive conversations with people in the limelight about various issues such as body positivity, depression, motherhood, stress, and recovery. Fearne asks her guests to share some of their own personal experiences and how they managed or coped. Her goal for the podcast is to bring happiness to her listeners' daily lives in a simple way.

2. The Minimalists - by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

This podcast is often the #1 Health Podcast on Apple Podcasts. The pair based their podcast off of their book and philosophy of living a meaningful life with less. They explain how removing things from your life that don't matter, will leave more room for happiness. This gives life purpose and meaning. Joshua and Ryan reached over 20 million people through their book and continue to share their thoughts through this podcast. The Minimalists doesn't talk about mental health awareness specifically but is related in the sense that their strategies increase efficiency, well-being, and productivity.

3. Mad World - by Bryony Gordon

Brought by The Telegraph, this podcast contains an interview with a different person in every episode. Bryony asks them about how their mental health has affected their lives personally. She explains how it can be normal to feel weird. In one episode, she interviewed Prince Harry and asked him about the mental health problems that he experienced after his mother, Princess Diana, passed away. Bryony's goal is to raise mental health awareness through her interviews.


4. Mentally Yours - by Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott

Mentally Yours, brought by Metro, features a new mystery guest each week. The girls discuss, with their guest, different topics that can have an effect on mental health. Some of the topics they have talked about include money, career change, and organizing an event. They choose topics that their listeners may be affected by, but afraid to talk about, such as post-natal depression, social anxiety, grief and panic attacks.

5. The Struggle Bus - by Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin

Katharine and Sally's conversational style makes this podcast unique. They are casual, blunt, and to the point. They broadcast their enthusiasm and frank opinions. During some episodes, the girls will host a Q&A. This is when the listeners send in questions and the hosts provide their answers and opinions. Katharine and Sally cover a broad set of topics such as workplace politics, abusive bosses, and how to advance your career.

6. The Hilarious World of Depression - by John Moe

This podcast tries to find some levity in depression and anxiety. The Hilarious World of Depression is focused around conversations between comedians who have dealt with depression. They share their personal experiences in a light-hearted, comical way. Some comedians featured in this podcast include; Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, and Jen Kirkman. Depression often has a strong stigma around it; this podcast aims to break down those walls and create a sense of community for people dealing with these mental health conditions.


7. Happier - by Gretchen Rubin and co-host Elizabeth Craft

This podcast covers many topics from Gretchen's book "The Project Happiness". The two girls discuss strategies that listeners can use to create their own happy place. Their conversations are positive and thought-provoking. Happier will provide you with realistic and practical ways to bring more happiness into your life.

These podcasts are not meant to take the place of professional therapy. They were created to break the silence around depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. The more people that talk about these issues, the more people will feel comfortable sharing their personal experiences. The general goal is to help break the stigma around mental health. These podcasts offer useful strategies that we can all use daily to manage our mental health.