February is coming to an end, which means your New Year's resolutions should now be in full swing. After two months of routinely working out, your motivation levels may be dwindling. The excitement of the holidays and New Year are over which makes sticking to your resolutions more difficult. I know I'm not the only one who gets excited and motivated to go to the gym after buying a new pair of leggings or gym shoes, but these gadgets take motivation to the next level. Kick it up a notch and stay on track with these cool fitness gadgets.

1 - Fitbit Aria Wifi Smart Scale

Price: $129.95

Visible results take time. Often people get disheartened when they work really hard to lose weight and then don't see any immediate results. Even if you can't physically see your stomach getting smaller or your biceps getting bigger after two weeks of exercising, there are ways to track the progress that's going on inside your body. Welcome Fitbit's wifi smart scale, Aria. Of course it tracks your weight, but it also measures your body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI). With the capabilities to privately track data for 8 different people, feel free to get the whole family involved. Connect Aria to your smartphone app to see informative graphs and charts to help you track your progress.

2 - Apple Watch Series 4

Price: $399 - $499

This Apple Watch will help you live a healthier lifestyle by helping you manage everyday stress, tracking calories burned, monitoring your heart rate and more. It is also equipped with fall detection and Emergency SOS, which can help detect irregular heart rhythms, falls, and alert your emergency contact, as well as emergency services. With the new Breathe app, you can practice mindfulness by taking a series of calming breaths. There are also apps designed to help you drink more water, improve your sleep, or better manage conditions like diabetes.

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3 - Hidrate Spark 2.0 Bottle

Price: $45.00

Are you someone who seems to never be able to stay hydrated or drink enough water? If so, then this is exactly what you were missing. This smart bottle will help remind you to drink up! The bottle tracks your water intake and will glow to remind you to drink water. Sync Hidrate Spark to your Fitbit or Apple to see your daily hydration levels. The bottle and lid are dishwasher safe, however, you will have to hand wash the sensor. You can even set up reminders on your phone that will notify you when you should drink more water. Challenge your friends and compare your progress.

4 - Samsung Gear Icon X Earbuds

Price: $179.99

When I first saw these, I thought they were just another AirPod wannabe, but it turns out they offer something really cool that AirPods don't offer. Samsung's Gear Icon X allows you to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, like most wireless headphones but also has the ability to store your music. This means you can go for a run, leave your phone at home, and still be able to jam out to your favorite songs. The Samsung earbuds act as standalone media players when you upload songs through your phone. With 4 GB of built-in storage, you can save up to 1,000 songs.

5 - Vyper 2.0 Roller

Price: $200.00

If you're not familiar with foam rollers, they're used to apply pressure to specific points on your body to aid the recovery of muscles. They were once only used by pro athletes and therapists but have recently become mainstream. They are now used by people at all fitness levels.

The Vyper 2.0 roller is essentially a foam roller that also vibrates. There are three speeds of vibration to choose from depending on how sore your muscles are. The Vyper 2.0 is twice as effective as a traditional foam roller to warm up and actively recover. It also increases range of motion by up to 40%. The Vyper 2.0 claims to loosen and length muscles to increase flexibility, increase circulation, reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, and reduce pain associated with myofascial release.

6 - Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Price: $299.00

Want to incorporate strength training into your at-home workout but don't want the weights to clutter your living room? The Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells adjust from 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs in 2.5 lb increments to the first 25 lbs. You can adjust the weights with the easy-to-use selection dials on the sides. You can easily switch from one exercise to the next without having multiple dumbbells spread across your living room floor.  There is also durable molding around the metal plates so the weights won't clang as you use them.

7 - Tangram Smart Rope

Price: $79.95

This smart jump rope can track your jump count and calories burned. Sync the rope to your smartphone and smart watch to monitor your progress. The Smart Rope is embedded with 23 LED lights that will display your fitness data in mid-air as you jump. Don't worry you don't have to wait until dark to use your jump rope, the data can be seen clearly even in bright rooms. The Smart Rope comes in four colors; black, red, gold, and chrome

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