Customers won't be able to purchase Soylent in Canada, for now.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has banned the sale of Soylent food replacement products, citing the reason being that Soylent does not meet all the requirements for a meal replacement in the country.

When Soylent's CEO, Rob Rhinehart was asked to comment on the recent ban, he said:

Our products do not meet a select few of the CFIA requirements for a 'meal replacement'. Although we feel strongly that these requirements do not reflect the current understanding of human nutritional needs, we respect the CFIA's regulations and will fully comply with any regulatory action they deem appropriate."

Soylent has positioned itself as the easiest option when it comes to meal replacments, offering liquid nutrition that you mix with water to create a chalky substance that's easy to drink on the go.


Despite the obvious apprehension around all liquid diets, Soylent has attracted the Silicon Valley population who consider Soylent product "diet hacks". It's convienience has attracted those without either the means to purchase nutritious products, or the time to cook nutritous meals.

Although Soylents products do contain vitamins, nutrients as well as protein and carbs, we urge our readers to err on the side of caution when approaching an all liquid diet. Although liquid diets have most commonly been associated with a detox effect, no scientific studies have proven this theory. Missing out on essential nutrients can lead to fatique, dizziness, hair loss, galstones and other symptoms that can lead to more serious health issues.