Home fitness has gained a lot of momentum in 2018. Americans are working out more and are finding more convenient ways to do so. Many high-tech companies are creating equipment that brings customized, boutique class-style workouts to your home. Whether you're into rowing and yoga or running and spinning, there is an at-home fitness machine designed for you.

The home fitness market is currently worth $14 billion and continues to grow among traditional gym-goers, according to insights firm Alpha. Fast Company reported that of the people surveyed, 54% said they are interested in buying an at-home fitness system.

The potential of the fitness industry is huge. The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) estimate that 60.9 million Americans have a gym membership, which generates $30 billion in revenue every year. Peloton, the company who created the first smart spin bike, was valued at $4 billion in August. This was after Peloton raised a further $550 million in venture funding.

Here are six of the coolest at-home fitness innovations that came out of 2018:

Peloton Tread


Peloton was first known for their spin bike which features an HD touchscreen that allows you to watch live and on-demand spinning classes from home. Their new treadmill, which launched this fall, follows the same idea, however the screen is attached to a treadmill. You can similarly watch fitness instructors live and on-demand and follow their workouts.

The treadmill will cost you $3,995 just for the equipment and then an additional $39 per month for the subscription to the classes. Classes include high-intensity boot-camp routines, running drills, and mat work.



Mirror was launched in September and will run you $1,500. This innovative machine was created by a New York-based startup company. The machine looks like an average mirror, however it transitions into an LCD screen that displays live and on-demand workout classes. Aside from paying for the equipment, you will also have to pay $39 per month for the subscription for the classes.

Another awesome feature the Mirror offers is the option to connect using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor or an Apple Watch. Mirror also offers a variety of classes, including cardio, yoga, strength, pilates, boxing, and barre.

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Flywheel  – FLY Anywhere


Similar to the Peloton Bike, the FLY Anywhere Bike also allows you to stream on-demand and live fitness classes from home. The bike was created by a boutique indoor cycling studio called Flywheel in November of 2017. The cost of the bike starts at $1,699.

The main difference between this bike and the Peloton Bike is that the Fly Anywhere Bike gives you the option to use your own device such as an Ipad or pay extra to have a screen included on the bike. The screen will run you an extra $300. Peloton filed a lawsuit against Flywheel claiming that their bike is a copycat version of the Peloton Bike.

ClassPass Live

Facebook/ClassPass Live

ClassPass, a company that helps connect users with fitness classes in their area, created a new membership program that offers live and on-demand classes that can be streamed from your TV at home. The classes can also be accessed via computer, tablet, and smartphone. Choose between a variety of classes, including high-intensity, kickboxing, boxing, strength, and barre classes.

The cost of membership for a standalone member is $19 per month. The starter kit, which includes a heart rate monitor and Chromecast to stream on your TV, costs $79.

CityRow Go


Cityrow Go is another at-home fitness machine created by a boutique fitness studio. The rowing machine was launched in November by New York fitness studio CityRow. The machine was created to be paired with a tablet that streams on-demand rowing classes. The classes are updated weekly by CityRow instructors.

The rowing machine costs $1,395 and the subscription to the app is $19 per month or $180 annually.



Although you can't get yourself a Hydrow until spring 2019, you can preorder one now. The rowing machine was created by former US rowing coach Bruce Smith. Some of the classes are actually taught by members of the US national rowing team. Hydrow is different from CityRow because it offers classes that are broadcasted live from the rivers of New York and Miami.

The machine sells for $2,399 but is currently on sale during the holidays for $1,999, which also includes 3 months subscription to the classes. After the 3 months are up, the classes cost $38 per month.