You Will Lose Weight with Diet Alone

Dieting in this case means eating less calories than you are burning daily. You will lose weight when dieting this way. According to the Smart for Life® philosophy, the best way to reach your weight loss goal is by eating fewer calories. After you lose the weight, you should begin your exercise program. This method is well-founded in science and can be easily explained with the following examples.

Let’s say two people have the same 50 lbs to lose. One goes to the gym for an hour every day. She burns, on average, 500 calories. In a week that adds up to 3500 calories which equals approximately one pound. At this rate, if she actually sticks to her daily routine, it will take her 50 weeks to reach her goal weight.

Problem: Most people don’t exercise this much and that amount of exercise will trigger greater hunger. She may end up eating more calories than she burned thus making it harder to lose weight.

Conversely, the second person begins the Smart for Life® program which immediately creates a 1300 calorie deficit in her body. In a week, that’s approximately 2.5 lbs. of fat. She will lose her 50 lbs. within 25 weeks. On week 25 she begins her exercise program and by week 35, she is trim and fit.

Studies Have Shown That This Type of Plan Has a Much Higher Success Rate of Losing Weight

So, follow the Smart for Life® philosophy to increase your chances of success in 2017. Get started on the program and give yourself the best gift of the season…a beautiful, healthy, trim silhouette. You’ll look and feel younger than you have in years.

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