Depending on how you take your coffee, it can either be very fattening or great for your health. Let me explain. If your go-to coffee drink is a caramel frappuccino, you're probably consuming an overwhelming amount of calories, sugar, and fat on the regular. Even traditional creamers can be very unhealthy for you. Black coffee has great health benefits like its ability to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Here are some ways to improve your morning cup of joe so that it not only is healthier but also tastes better too.

1-   Add a Sprinkle of Cinnamon

Adding a dash of cinnamon to your cup of coffee will make it taste more festive and seasonal. Taste aside, the health benefits are just as great. Cinnamon can boost antioxidants, lower your blood sugar, and decrease your risk of heart disease! Because cinnamon adds sweetness and dimension to your coffee, you can ditch the cream and sugar, which are notoriously known to make coffee fattening and harmful to your health. By replacing milk and cream with cinnamon, you could be saving yourself 70 calories per cup of coffee. Not a fan of cinnamon? Replace traditional cream and milk with Zilch, a zero-calorie creamer.

2-   Add Chocolate?

Yes, you heard right. I'm talking about unsweetened natural cocoa. By adding the fermented seeds from the cocoa tree to your coffee, you can help lower blood pressure, balance cholesterol, and manage type 2 diabetes. Unsweetened cocoa acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. You will basically be drinking a mocha minus the added sugar!  

3-   Collagen to the Rescue

Collagen has become very popular in the past year. Celebs have started the trend of adding it to smoothies, meals, and coffee. Depending on the collagen you buy, some can have no flavor at all. If you choose the right collagen, you can reap the benefits and avoid the weird aftertaste. Collagen comes in the form of a powder which you can mix into many drinks and food for an extra protein boost. It is the connective material between tissue and bones. Preliminary evidence shows that it can help keep your skin hydrated, improve alcohol-induced liver damage and support joint health.

4-   Toss in Some Oats

Most of us are crunched for time when it comes to our morning routines. It's easy to miss out on breakfast when getting ready and rushing to work. Create a two-in-one by combining your breakfast and coffee. Combine coffee and oats in a thermos for an energizing meal. The oats add fiber, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and iron.

5-   Get Spicy

Add a dash of cayenne into your morning brew. Not only will it be sure to wake you up, but it also will provide you with a nutrient boost. Cayenne has been used for thousands of years in Native American medicine to help manage stomach problems, lack of appetite, and circulatory issues. Recent studies have shown that cayenne may relieve headaches, aid digestion, and prevent heart disease. If you're obsessed with coffee and love spicy food then this should be right up your alley.

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