In a piece by Mike Roussell, PhD, I read some interesting data on Omega 3’s. This is really good news if you don’t happen to be a fish lover, or if you just find it difficult to work two servings a week into your diet menu plan. According to world renowned Omega-3 expert Dr. Bill Harris, our bodies absorb the healthy EPA and DHA fats (long-chain Omega-3 fats) in the fish oil supplements just as readily as they absorb the same healthy fats in the actual fish, like salmon and tuna.

To the contrary, the story about flax seed in your diet is quite different. The Omega-3 fat in flax seed known as ALA (short-chain omega-3 fats), does not convert easily into the EPA and DHA that we seek in fish. As our bodies benefit greatly from long and short-chain omega 3s, having a source for both is certainly recommended. Consider this a word to the wise for vegetarians who aren’t eating fish or taking fish oil. Unknown to many, the healthy oil in the fish oil is not made by the fish. It’s actually made by the algae that the fish eat. Luckily, you can go directly to the source and find an algae-based DHA supplement. By the way, the eggs you see with Omega 3’s on the label come from chickens that are fed flax seed. Many of our Smart for Life products are also an excellent source for both of these Omegas, found in our Enriched Organic Golden Flax Meal which contains both flax and fish oils.

Omega 3’s Reduce Heart Attacks By Up To 50%

As far as the Omega 3 research these days, some studies are telling us that although a high level of omega-3 fatty acids in your bloodstream is not conclusively going to lengthen your life span, it may offer protection from heart disease and reduce the likelihood of such complications, in some cases, by as much as 50%. One very important factor to take into this equation is that a great number of folks who have these higher levels of fatty acids are also, often, eating more healthfully, in general. They tend to eat more vegetables and less red meat. This steers us back to lifestyle and the importance of looking at the whole picture as you plan your future health profile. At Smart for Life® we’re here to help in any way we can; from the creation and manufacturing of our healthy products to the leading edge information and support we offer on our website and in our Centers.

To your health,
Dr. Sass