How Fat-Free Diets Lost Their Fame in Hollywood

Remember when seemingly overnight “fat-free” could be found in big bold letters on the front of many products in the grocery store? Ad Age and Nielsen(who ran the study) say that trend is coming to an end, replaced by shoppers looking for fewer ingredients and gluten-free alternatives. Unnecessary preservatives and chemicals you can’t pronounce don’t have to accompany your food to the table in 2017! At Smart for Life we focus on wholesome, plant-based ingredients that offer significant nutritious value while offering flexible options for gluten-free participants.

Americans Going Gluten-Free Triples in Just 5 Years

A gluten-free diet has steadily become a mainstream topic in the last few years, and 2016 was not different. A recent Mayo Clinic study revealed that the amount of americans avoiding gluten that do not have celiac more than tripled from 2009-2014. That’s an estimated 3.1 million increase in just five years! If you’re one of those 3.1 million ready to try gluten-free, be sure to check out the variety of gluten-free products Smart for Life offers.

Chipotle Launches Campaign to Help Gluten-Free Guests

Good news for guests of Chipotle with gluten dietary restrictions as Chipotle launches a new tool to help navigate their menu. They have taken a simple approach, labeling their menu with “go for it” or “no go” phrases next to specific food items they offer. Chipotle does note that guests should: “Keep in mind that foods containing corn might have been in contact with gluten-containing grains in the field.” Smart for Life has the ability to control that process much closer, ensuring no gluten contamination occurs. It also doesn’t hurt that we have delicious products like our Banana Chocolate Chip Granola Squares .