Loosen the belt or ditch the pants all together, Thanksgiving is coming.

Thanksgiving is next week. If you've been on a diet or trying to maintain a healthy diet, you know this holiday presents a tremendous challenge.

So just how many calories is the average person consuming during Thanskgiving? Thankfully, we now have a pretty good idea.

According to the Calorie Control Council, your average Thanskgiving Turkey dinner can add almost 3,000 calories to your waist line. Add in appetizers and drinks and you might be looking at over 4,500 calories total!

That's about 2,000 calories over the daily recommended intake!

Smart for Life suggests managing these calories as best you can, and being prepared for the aftermath. If you can stomach it(see what I did there), try to go for a post-meal walk or hit the gym early the next morning. Smart for Life's diet is always a sure-fire way to lose the pounds you might gain over the Holidays, and we currently have over 8 different products in our Weekly Deals section!

Live Well Nebraska has provided a breakdown of where your calories are coming from in the typical Thanskgiving meal. See below!


Calories: 190 for four slices (4 ounces)

To burn: A 30-minute hike will do the trick.

Mashed potatoes

Calories: 238 for 1 cup

To burn: Do aerobics for 30 minutes.

Keep in mind: If you add gravy, tack on another 178 calories per ½ cup.


Calories: 355 for 1 cup

To burn: Grab a rake. A little more than an hour of light yard work will take care of it.

Green bean casserole

Calories: 143 for 1 cup

To burn: Hop on a bike for about 30 minutes.

Cranberry sauce

Calories: 209 for ½ cup

To burn: Play 30 minutes of vigorous basketball.

Crescent roll

Calories: 100 for one roll

To burn: Do 30 minutes of light weight lifting.

Keep in mind: Adding butter? One tablespoon nets you 102 calories.

Pumpkin pie

Calories: 323 for one slice

To burn: Turn on some tunes and get your groove on. Dancing for an hour will burn that dessert.

Keep in mind: If you add a serving size of Cool Whip — 2 tablespoons — that’s 25 calories. But let’s be honest, who can resist a few extra dollops of that fluffy, whipped topping?