The beauty industry as a whole is often criticized for their lack of acceptance of curvy figures and unrealistic expectations of the female body.

However, in the last few years we've seen a surge in body acceptance and understandign that we all hope will lead to less bullying, more education, and healthier lifestlyes.

As a teen, Miss Egypt Farah Sedky weighed almost 220 pounds. Facing constant bullying, Farah said:

I was brutally bullied and to the point that I was once beaten by one of my peers. To this day, I still remember her looking down at me on the ground and saying, 'I’d love to wake up tomorrow and not see you at school, no one will miss you if you’ll be gone forever.

Things didn't get easier for Farah from there. After a routine Doctor's visit, she was told that in less than 6 months she would likely be diabetic.

Farah recalls the moments after this visit:

“This was the first time that I saw my father cry, which motivated me to lose the weight and begin to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What clicked with me on an emotional level to start my journey was the fact that I knew I wasn't living up to my full potential."

Farah graduated with honors from Ain Shams University and competed in Miss Universe 2017 on November 26th.


But how did she lose the weight? Good old fashioned portion control, healthier eating habits, and lemons! Now that she feels confident in maintaining her healthy eating habits, her next goal is to become a role model for girls struggling with obesity.

"I truly believe it's time to show women that they should appreciate, accept and love their bodies the way they are. It's about time that we all come together, not just for women but also for children, to make sure they grow up in a healthy environment where they won't feel pressured to focus on fitting in, and fitting a certain perception on beauty. Instead, they will grow to focus on developing their aspirations.”