Water for Weight Loss?

It’s not uncommon for dieters to skip the water in an attempt to rid themselves of excess bloat. But when dieters do this, they are actually doing themselves, and their weight loss efforts, a great disservice. It’s true. While it may seem contradictory, drinking lots of water in order to lose weight is a very real thing!

In fact, the concept of water for weight loss is backed by decades of scientific evidence. Because of this, it’s well known throughout the diet and nutrition community that weight loss programs are more successful when they’re centered around drinking adequate amounts of water. So what’s considered an adequate amount of water? According to the Mayo Clinic and the Institute of Medicine, roughly 13 cups (3 liters) of water a day for men and about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of water a day for women is considered adequate intake.

If you’re interested in hearing how water can help support your weight loss efforts, read on! We’ve listed three very important ways drinking water can help you meet your health and weight loss goals. If you’re interested in hearing how water can help support your weight loss efforts but you’re an avid water hater, rest assured! Our water enhancers can help subdue your hatred for the boring, tasteless beverage without wrecking your diet. So feel free to keep reading, water lovers and water haters alike!

Water Clears Toxins.

In order to lose weight healthily and effectively, it’s important to flush out the toxins that have built up inside your body after years of eating Big Macs, slurping down triple mocha lattes, and staying out all night at your favorite club. A consistent amount of 2.2 to 3 liters of water per day (depending on your unique needs) can actively flush these toxins from your system—the same toxins that hinder your body’s natural weight loss mechanisms. As an added bonus, consuming adequate amounts of water can help renew and hydrate your skin, hair, and cuticles.

Water Speeds Up Digestion.

Let’s face it; when trying to lose weight, nothing is more convenient than a speedy colon. To help make your digestive system work quickly and efficiently (because absorbing nutrients from the healthy foods you eat is important), aim to drink at least six 8-ounce glasses of water per day. After two weeks, and in response to your specific diet and exercise needs, try increasing you water consumption by one 8-ounce glass per day. Do this for one week, then add in yet another 8-ounce serving of water the following week. By the end of your first month, both you and your colon should be actively benefiting from water for weight loss, as well as its inherent ability to improve your overall health.

Water Curbs Your Appetite.

This is one of those water for weight loss benefits that is often overlooked. However, once you start drinking adequate amounts of water daily (plain or deliciously flavored), you’ll start to notice that you feel less hungry, even on the days you consume less calories. Why? This is because drinking sufficient amounts of water fills you up, and that means you’re less likely to overeat, feel hungry, or crave junk food.

Ultimately, it’s easier to reach your weight loss goals, manage your weight stability, and become healthier when you drink plenty of water. So put down that diet soda (or energy drink or coffee or entire bottle of wine), raise up a big glass of water, and say cheers to your healthy weight loss!

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