Even if you don't drink heavily, you could still see great improvements in your overall health by giving up those occasional cocktails and post work brewskies. By giving up alcohol for only 30 days, participants in a study saw amazing health benefits.

An experiment conducted by New Scientist magazine looked at 14 staffers. The participants were asked to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire and undergo a medical checkup.

Ten people completely quit drinking for 30 days, while the remaining four participants continued drinking socially. Once the 30 days were up, the participants filled out the questionnaire again and had blood work done.

No one, not even the scientists, expected such surprising results. During the 30 days, the participants who stopped drinking alcohol saw their liver fat decrease almost 20%. As liver fat is a dangerous precursor to liver damage, this is quite startling.

Not only that, their blood glucose levels also decreased by 16%. This means that the sober participants drastically lowered their risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome in only 30 days. The participants also said by not drinking alcohol, their sleep improved and they were able to concentrate better at work.

This was the first study to "show such an immediate drop from going dry" said James Ferguson, M.D., a liver specialist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham in England.

Refraining from drinking alcohol will improve the outside of your body, as well as, your inside. "People always forget the number of calories in alcohol, so if you take a month off, and you usually consume 20 [drinks], you're going to lose weight and fat. It's a massive reduction in calories," Ferguson said.

"What you have is a pretty average group of people who would not consider themselves heavy drinkers, yet stopping drinking for a month altered liver fat, cholesterol, and blood sugar, and helped them lose weight. If someone had a health product that did all that in one month, they would be raking it in" said Kevin Moore, a liver health expert who supervised the experiment.

The results from this study also support the latest research from the CDC. The 2015 report, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that six Americans die every day from alcohol abuse and it's a leading killer of people in the prime of their lives.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol also affects women differently from men. Women get drunk faster than men and process alcohol differently. Heavy drinking (drinking 8+ drinks a week) can increase your risk for certain diseases, including breast cancer and brain disease.

If you are trying to lose weight, drinking alcohol will have significant negative effects on your progress. While on the Smart for Life Diet, we recommend that you completely eliminate your alcohol consumption so that you can achieve the best results possible. Click here to learn how to lose weight the easy way.