There is no easy answer to this question. There are many aspects that you must take into consideration in order to determine which cardio machine will help you lose the most weight. I know this can be frustrating, but hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of which machine is best for you. With so many machines at the gym, it can be hard to decide which to use. The most popular cardio machines include; treadmill, rower, elliptical, and stationary bike. Two important questions to ask yourself are; which machine would you want to use regularly and which machine will push you to work hard. You need to remember that a machine is only as valuable as you make it.


The treadmill is typically the most common machine at gyms. Let’s say that you decide to try out the treadmill, but get bored after only running for five minutes. It’s likely that you won’t lose much weight and there might be a better machine for you. If you enjoy sprinting on the treadmill and taking advantage of the functions such as interval and hill, the treadmill could help you reach your weight-loss goals. You may be able to extend your workout time on the treadmill by switching between walking and running. Depending on your circumstances, walking and running can burn up to 400 and 600 calories in an hour.


The Rower has been deemed as another fat-burning machine that offers a full-body workout. Using a rower isn’t as easy as using a treadmill. It requires some technique. Once you get the technique down, there are many combinations of power and endurance work that you could try. Most gyms are equipped with rowers. If you enjoy rowing, like many others, you’re able to have one in your home. When stood upright, they take up less space than a treadmill. If you have never used a rower and are a bit nervous to attempt to use one, especially in front of a gym full of people, ask someone who works at the gym to demonstrate for you. If you really put in the effort, you could burn over 800 calories in an hour. If you’re just starting your weight-loss journey, you may want to consult with a doctor or fitness professional to determine how much exercise is safe for you.

The elliptical is another popular exercise machine that you will find at almost every gym. Many people prefer ellipticals to treadmills because ellipticals are low impact and produce good calorie expenditure. The demand on your body is also less because the machine is only indirectly weight bearing. If you are giving it your all, you can burn over 600 calories in an hour while using the elliptical. One downfall of ellipticals is that they are usually equipped with a tv screen. You may be thinking, “downfall? That’s just what I need to keep me going”. Unfortunately, the screens can be distracting and may cause you to decrease your intensity without knowing it.


My personal favorite cardio machine is the stationary bike. Stationary bikes are low-impact just like the elliptical. They are also easy to adjust to the individual user. Gyms have stand-alone stationary bikes in the main fitness areas however many gyms also offer cycling classes. I enjoy the classes because the instructor turns the lights down (because who wants to be seen dripping sweat) and plays upbeat, fast music. The instructor also tells you when to change the resistance throughout the workout which helps you stay on track. I look forward to the workouts because they're genuinely fun! Cycling can help you burn over 600 calories an hour, depending on how hard you work. The most common complaint from using this machine is that your booty will be sore after a workout, but it does go away.

Everyone will choose a different favorite cardio machine based on their fitness level, personal preferences, and experience. While some may love running on the treadmill and find it to be a great stress reliever, others may avoid it at all costs. You may have been hoping for a definitive answer but it really all depends on what you put into it and how much you enjoy it. Try to find cardio that you look forward to and don’t be afraid of trying them all! If you hit a plateau, try switching it up and get on a different machine.