Statistics say the average American spends around 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Now, Facebook are betting you'll spend even more time on their platform but not for what you think...

With their newly launched "Order Food" service, Facebook is betting you'll find their service even more worthy of your precious time. Order Food aggregates delivery services like Door Dash, Eat Street and more to make the food delivery process even easier.

To be clear, Facebook isn't running a food delivery service themselves. They are simply offering a more streamlined service that allows you to order from any of the top food delivery companies in a Facebook-esque way.

Even more exciting, Facebook announced plans to integrate this with Instagram company pages. The next time you see a delicious meal from your favorite restaurant on Instagram, you might be able to simply click "Order Now" and get it delivered straight to your door!


The question we at Smart for Life have to ask is, will this innovation in food delivery offer a faster way to find nutritious foods from your local restaurants? Probably not, but we'll stay hopeful for a brighter, healthier future.